How to Help Wolves

People like you are leading the charge to protect wolves and their rightful place in the American wilderness! We can save wolves together — one vote, one election at a time.

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Vote for Wolves

Our federal and state elected leaders make the decisions that will either keep wolves safe or allow hunting. Talk to your candidates, find out their position on wolves and make your vote be a voice for wolves!

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The 06 Legacy is working to keep wolves safe through awareness, education, and endorsement. Donate today and help us elect candidates and change laws to protect wolves. We Work for Wolves.

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Wear your love of wolves wherever you go! All proceeds from merchandise sales support our efforts to help save wolves.

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Sign Up for the Newsletter

Want to know the latest about wolves? Join the 06 Wolf Pack and sign up for our newsletter. We promise to keep you up-to-date on the latest wolf news and share an interesting story or two.

"Gypsy" Jason Kladiva - Your Friend in Yellowstone

Help Spread the Word

We need your help in getting the word out about wolves! Please consider sharing our mission on social media.

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Nominate a Candidate

If you are running for office and seeking endorsement, or if you know of a pro-wolf leader who deserves a Paws Up endorsement, let us know!

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