Wolf Champions

The 06 Legacy would like to recognize the advocacy work of individuals and organizations devoted to wolves. We admire their tireless passion and enduring commitment to wolves.  We encourage you to join us in the fight to save America's wolves!

"I have high hopes for the future of wolves in North America. Many men will cease to think of them as vermin and see them as they are — one of the most interesting and intelligent animals that have ever lived on our globe. Do you dare to become involved in such a noble cause?" — Douglas H. Pimlott, Ph.D.


On behalf of the 66 founding wolves of the reintroduction to Yellowstone and central Idaho whose shoulders the restoration of the gray wolf to the western United States rested upon, we will forever celebrate your courage, perseverance, and success.

Yellowstone Wolf Project

For over 25 years, dedicated members of the Yellowstone Wolf Project have conducted year-round research and monitoring of the park’s wolves in a program that is integral to conservation efforts worldwide. We are grateful for the valuable work they do on behalf of wolves and the willingness to share such a wealth of knowledge with the public.  

Wolf Conservation and Advocacy Organizations

Wolf advocacy is mighty! These are some of the organizations who are fighting for the protection and preservation of wolves. You can help at the local, regional, national, and international level. We welcome you to our Pack with big howls!

Our apologies to the organizations we missed. Feel free to contact us at info@the06legacy.com to be included.





Photography for The 06 Legacy Website

It is an honor and privilege to share the work of photographers whose imagery speaks for the beauty and essence of wolves. A special thank you for your invaluable contribution to wolf advocacy.


In recognition of these wolf advocates for going the extra mile for wolves.

Mica Costerousse
Wolf Man Pat Jennings
Rick Lamplugh
Richard Lane
Powell Miller
Rob Miller
Waldo, Bunnie, & Dawson Montgomery
Kathy Schmidt

Photographers for The Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree

Thank you to the photographers who share their images with the Yellowstone Family Tree. You keep the history and memory of Yellowstone wolves alive for future generations to know and cherish as we do.

Joshua Able
Julie Argyle
Taylor Bland
Brian Burrus
Susan Carberry
Linda Rudge Carney
Melba Coleman
Doug Dance
Nolan Darr
Jim Futterer
Krisztina Gayler
Panzer Gnauck
Jim Halfpenny
Michelle Holihan
Ross Hutchinson
Wolf Man Pat Jennings
Sian Jones
Steve Justad
Russ Kehler
Bob Landis
Leo Leckie
Kathie Lynch
Doug McLaughlin
Mark Miller
Waldo Montgomery
Shane Morrison
National Park Service
Carter Niemeyer
Karin Occhialini
Jim Peaco
Mark Steven Perry
Carol Scopinich
Carl Leadaman
Sandy Sisti
Doug Smith
Matt Sorum
Richard Spratley
Dan Stahler
Jeremy Sunderaj
David Taylor
Connie Troutman
Kim Turner
Jort Vanderveen
Max Waugh
Jon Way
Bob Weselmann
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Wolf Project

Longtime Champions

Some individuals inspire all of us with their pioneering and long-term contributions to wolves and deserve special recognition. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment.

Aninishinaabe-Ojibwe Community
Renee Askins
Bruce Babbitt
Robert Barbee
Mollie Beattie
Norman Bishop
Jim Brandenburg
Wayne Brewster
Kira Cassidy
Bill Clinton
Jim & Jamie Dutcher
Michael Finley
Joe Fontaine
Jim Halfpenny
Gordon Haber
Mark Johnson
Bob Landis
Aldo Leopold
Barry Lopez
Laurie Lyman
Dan MacNulty
Rick McIntyre
Doug McLaughlin
Jim McClure
L. David Mech
William Penn Mott
Adolph Murie
Nez Perce Tribe
Carter Niemeyer
Wayne Owens
Paula Ozzello
Rolf O. Peterson
Michael Phillips
Douglas H. Pimlott
Doug Smith
Dan Stahler
Erin Stahler
Suzanne Stone
Linda Thurston
Adrian Treves
John Varley
Nathan Varley
Jann Webb
John Vucetich